Kitchen decoration: 6 ideas to realize today!

Kitchen decoration ideas

Kitchen decoration: 6 ideas to realize today!

Decorating the kitchen, in general, is not something to which we put a lot of enthusiasm. Perhaps because we see this space in a functional way, where decoration would not make sense. In addition, it is one of the rooms with the fewest free walls, since they are covered with furniture, appliances, and other elements. However, we can always find a corner where we can customize, or apply our creativity, to make it more ours, more beautiful. Here we share some tips so you can give a personal touch to this important space in the home, the heart of the house, as many say.

Chalkboard Paint

Modern Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration with paint is something that perhaps you have never thought about, or have you? Chalkboard paint is very common nowadays, you can find it in any home or hardware store. You can apply it to an entire wall, as well as to demarcate specific spaces within a large wall. This will bring versatility to the kitchen, you will have a place to write down recipes, the grocery list, appointments, or important events, among many other things. Without a doubt, it is as practical as it is decorative.


Not only do they shine if you hang them or leave them in sight, but it is also much more practical when cooking. Your utensils can be better organized, since if you hang them, you can leave more space in the drawers, for example. This is a great kitchen decoration idea, just display your cutest pots or utensils!


Can you imagine a jungle kitchen? It is a super handy resource and many times not even considered. Wallpaper adds a lot of character to any space. If it seems too risky, you can apply it to just one wall. Just make sure it is suitable for humid environments.

Decorate The Kitchen With Treasures

If you are a collector of old plates, cups, or spoons, it is time to show off your treasures! Keep in the furniture or kitchen drawers those things that do not necessarily contribute to your decoration. Instead, take out your collection of teacups and arrange them on shelves where they’ll show off. Another option is to stick them on the wall as if they were true works of art.

Magnetized Paint

Decorate the kitchen with magnets? If you are one of the fans whose refrigerator no longer supports magnets, a good option is to paint one of the walls of your kitchen with magnetized or magnetic paint. This way you can continue with your collection -and think about your new acquisitions!-, because you will have much more space to store memories of moments, trips, and much more.

Decorative Posters

There is a wide variety of decorative posters, some related to food or cooking, as well as other topics. All can bring a particular style to the walls of your kitchen. Our favorites are the ones with inspirational phrases, vintage designs, and the ones with neon lights; a figure, word, or sign. Your creativity is the limit!

At Emotions, we are fans of decoration and we think that the kitchen is a great opportunity to venture out. Dare to decorate with elements that perhaps in another space of the house you would never do.

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