10 tips for organizing a small kitchen

organizing a small kitchen

10 tips for organizing a small kitchen

Having a small kitchen has many advantages, you have everything at hand, it is faster to clean … But it is also more prone to clutter. An orderly kitchen is a space where cooking is a pleasure, but of course, mini-kitchens have less storage space and it is easier for chaos to form. Up to now. There are many corners, storage systems, and vertical square meters, which we had not taken into account! We are going to open up a world of possibilities for you, in addition to making your kitchen more functional, so that it is always organized without losing its own style.

To help you with this we have gone to Pinterest, a social network of reference in terms of organizational tips (and much more) that has become a reflection of the lifestyle of today’s society, and that is that more and more people who abandon the idea of ​​living in huge houses in search of the advantages of a central and mini apartment, such as the fact of having less to clean and the savings that it implies in electricity or transport bills. And they have found themselves like you, with a mini kitchen and many pans that do not find their space.

We have discovered incredible things, you have to make the most of all the nooks and crannies of your kitchen, and surely some things are so simple that you had not even realized how much they can make your life easier. For example, we sometimes forget how much walls have to offer us, for example when storage space is at a premium. Or also, do you know that you can organize your cabinets vertically with just a few dividers? This way you multiply the space and the trays take up much less space.

But not everything was going to be a bed of roses, because, let’s face it, nobody likes to cook in tight spaces, much less messy! Perhaps that is why one of the most successful searches on the social network is “how to organize small kitchens.” Do you want to know the answers? Well, keep reading! Here are 10 tips that will make your kitchen the most functional and orderly place in your home.

Floating Shelves

The floating shelves are a foolproof solution to keep your dishes cuter and make them look like decorative pieces. Add a cute painting or vase, and voila!

Dishware Organizer for Sinks

If the sink area is so small that not even a plate can fit, a tall organizer like this one will become your best ally.

Kitchen Trolley

There are a thousand different styles, and they are the sea of ​​functional since. In addition to having everything insight, you can move it at will and take it where you need it.

Removable Drawers

Another of the classics that never fails is to use removable drawers inside the closet. In addition to making your life easier, you will be able to reach the bottom pots without a problem.

Pan Hanger

If you no longer have room in your cupboards to store your pans and the oven seems like a bad place (it is), adopt this ingenious idea and create your own pan hanger. You will give an irresistible rustic touch to the kitchen!

Dish Organizer

Storing dishes is usually a problem when you have a lot of plates of different sizes. But if you use an organizer with several shelves. You can forget about carrying weights every time you want to take that particular plate.

Vertical Organizers

A vertical organizer will help you more easily arrange any pan or accessory you need. Have you thought about it?

Magnetic Jars

Many times the shelves fall short, and there are so many things to store! For this reason, using magnetic cans is the best way to get double space.

Functional Cabinets and Drawers

Behind the discreet hinged oak, a wood door is a true culinary center: worktop, shelves to store utensils, sockets to connect small appliances, drawers, and drawers that are used as a pantry even a pull-out table! It’s called Orgavital and it’s from the firm Mobalco.

Where To Put All The Trash Cans For Recycling

This original wardrobe stacks three different colored buckets in height so that it is visually easier to know where to throw containers, paper, or glass. Its discreet fronts mean that it closed, no one suspects that it is a dumpster module. In addition, as it has little depth it can be placed in any area without obstructing the passage. Wardrobe with three cubes, by La Oca.

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