10 modern kitchens with unique design and ideas

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10 modern kitchens with unique design and ideas

Some small and others huge, but all modern, current, and with an extra dose of style. These modern kitchens will blow your mind.

Modern Kitchen Design, Include Marble

In its natural form or using materials that mimic it. Marble regains strength in a modern kitchen, as we see in this one designed by the interior designer Paula Duarte, who has chosen Silestone with a marbled effect for the windowsill. Black accents help modernize its classic finish.

Marble, Gold And White, A Combo For Modern Kitchen

In the design of modern kitchens, the lines of the furniture are as important as the finishes of these. Here the marble also conquers the large island, around which the rest of the kitchen furniture revolves. The golden handles, along with the lamps, are a very modern and on-trend resource.

 A Modern Wooden Kitchen

The hydraulic finish floor and the black details are key to achieving a modern point in this wooden kitchen. Also the fronts of the cabinets without handles and the white countertop.

A Modern Kitchen Open To The Sky

The most incredible thing about this kitchen is that, before the renovation, it was an outside area of ​​the house – hence its stone wall, previously outside. That is, it is an add-on. In its design, all the furniture has been grouped on one side and the ceiling has been opened to provide it with light. And the modern point? This is given by the black lamps that hang in the small bar area.

A Very Modern Gray Kitchen!

Modern Kitchens idea

The gray color in decoration is directly related to a modern and very current style. And this kitchen is a good example of it: with straight lines, very purists and in which gray is the main protagonist. The white countertop and marbled windowsill brighten it, and the wooden floor adds warmth while creating a contrast with the gray.

Modern Kitchen, Make It Invisible

This modern kitchen is completely open and has been designed in such a way that your presence will go as unnoticed as possible. And with that objective, a wide area of ​​cabinets has been designed that does not reveal its condition, with the exception of the column of electrical appliances.

Modern Kitchens That Don’t Look Like Kitchens

The trend of opening the kitchens to the rest of the rooms has led to the design of furniture that could well decorate any room. And with that maxim of camouflaging it. Black and wood come together to achieve super-modern atmospheres. Gold lamps are essential to enhance its elegance and, even more. The feeling that it is not a kitchen. Even if it is.

A Modern Kitchen That Makes Use Of The Classic

In this modern kitchen, the contrast is assured. And the fact is that the ceiling with moldings is the perfect frame to design a sober, elegant, and very very modern kitchen in gray. To give it warmth, all the complements and accessories are either made of wood or fiber.

Add Elements That Attract The Eyes

The green tile ceiling and gloss finish, together with the glass hood, make this a modern kitchen with a lot of personalities. And the fact is that the ceiling fills it with color, even if it is purely white; and the hood is a sign of its modernity, although the lines of its furniture have classic touches and even a little vintage.

Black Kitchens, Always Modern

Elegant, and very long-suffering modern kitchens. Black kitchens are perfect when you have plenty of space. And you don’t have to fight to enhance natural light at all costs. In fact, this does not renounce the black furniture or the powerful presence of the wooden walls. Although the ceiling has been painted white, reducing its visual weight.

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