Small kitchen: 6 practical storage solutions

Small kitchen decoration ideas

Small kitchen: 6 practical storage solutions

Taking advantage of the walls or lengthening cabinets helps to make the centimeters profitable when there are not enough meters. These ideas will help you in your small kitchen.

To compensate for the lack of space in small kitchens, there is nothing like sharpening your ingenuity. When meters (or centimeters) are scarce and you don’t know where to locate ingredients and utensils with which to prepare your favorite dishes, there is nothing like using your imagination and being very orderly in your XS kitchen. Practical ideas such as taking advantage of the walls to store material, creating drawers, or extending the cabinets to the ceiling will make your mini kitchen not only beautiful but also functional. In addition, it has many advantages: everything is at hand and there is less to clean.

Use Tall Furniture In Your Kitchen

Tall Furniture in your small kitchen

The modules up to the ceiling multiply the storage. If you want the kitchen not to look cluttered, try combining modular furniture with shelves. Put them only on one wall so as not to fill the space or take advantage of the gaps on the fridge or on the oven, in a column. Remember that light colors and natural light help to optically enlarge your small kitchen, very useful when there are a few meters.

Use The Walls To Place Kitchen Utensils

Make the most of vertical surfaces in your small kitchen. When you don’t have enough meters, using bars, hooks, or accessories from which to suspend the kitchenware is a very practical storage option. Show what you use most often. Of course, be careful not to saturate.

Choose The Right And Necessary Furniture In The Kitchen

Say goodbye to bulky furniture that takes up space and only helps to store things that you really don’t need. It is time to clear and maintain what you really use and regroup them. For example, if you organize the spices in one place, it will be more pleasant to cook and with everything in place, your small kitchen will be more practical and functional.

A Kitchen Full Of Baskets Is What You Need

You can turn the shelves into shelves using baskets to store everything from kitchen paper to spoons, spatula or food. They are easy to remove storage elements and perfect for transporting them from one place to another.

Mini Appliances Are Your New Object Of Desire For The Kitchen

With a two-burner hob, up to 30 cm of worktop is freed up to comfortably unfold a table, strainer, knives, grater, and milling machine. Small multifunctional and compact appliances are your best asset. Dishwashers in a mini version, X’s refrigerators, compact ovens, or ultra-flat hoods will provide you with the best service, keep order and help you gain inches of closet space.

Let Yourself Be Conquered By Multifunctional Furniture

If your small kitchen is scarce in cabinets, make the most of the shelves as elements for storage. In the market, there are low-cost solutions with ideas of supports to store food or kitchenware taking advantage of the lower part of the shelves.

Use The Part Behind The Doors

The space in the back of the cabinet or pantry door is valuable real estate. Use this storage place that is often overlooked. This is a great place to hang items like reusable shopping bags.

Acquire Uniform Containers

Uniform containers in a cabinet or refrigerator fit better, which means less wasted space. Decant frequently used foods and beverages into even containers so every inch counts. Stick with square or rectangular containers rather than round ones because they fit together better.

Eliminate Clutter Regularly

Unfortunately, a necessary evil with a small kitchen is the frequent need to tidy up and clean. It’s easy to accumulate things over time, and when you don’t have a lot of space to start, your organization’s system can quickly derail.

If you spend a little time here and there, tweaking your newly organized space, it should be easy to maintain. If you find that your system is easily breaking down, you may want to reconsider your categories.

Put Things Where You Are Going To Use Them

Professional organizers advise their clients to think about how they will realistically use the kitchen in everyday life. If your coffee maker and cups are on opposite sides of the room, it will be inconvenient. The same goes for storing spices and salt away from fires, for example. Reconfigure your kitchen layout to make it more efficient to work on it.

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