kitchen decoration ideas for small kitchens to be big

kitchen decoration ideas

kitchen decoration ideas for small kitchens to be big

The kitchen has to be, above all, functional and easy to use on a day-to-day basis. That is why it is usually one of the spaces that give the most headaches. When choosing materials, distribution, colors … AND the smaller the kitchen, the greater the doubts. To give you a hand and make the result as functional as it is aesthetically impeccable. We have entered kitchens with small dimensions, but brimming with style. And we have analyzed kitchen decoration what works in each one of them. So that you can move it into your home. A few meters can go a long way (style).

Go Unnoticed

If you have chosen to tear down the partition that separates your kitchen from the living room and create open space (a very good decision), an interesting option is to choose a monochromatic kitchen with paneling, cabinets, and appliances paneled in the same color. You can put as many cabinets as you want without worrying about the partitions because they will be completely camouflaged and the kitchen will be perfectly integrated into the living area. If, in addition, you choose an unconventional color, such as black, gray, or a total look in wood, people will not even notice that it is there.

Precious Materials

kitchen decoration ideas for small kitchen

Small kitchens have two advantages: having fewer meters, you can invest more in first-class materials and risk more, because the result will not overwhelm you. Kitchens with metal cabinets and fronts are a trend, try them and you will not regret it.

Divide And Conquer

Yes, the open concept makes spaces appear larger, but substituting a partition for a shelf will give you extra storage space. Yes, in addition, you leave some of the holes open, you will maintain the feeling of spaciousness and storage.

See Double

Visually enlarging a room with a mirror (always from ceiling to floor, as Manuel Espejo told us ) is a resource that is widely used in living rooms. Why not do it in a kitchen too?


They say that to make a kitchen look bigger, one of the best tricks is not to place upper cabinets. But, if you can’t afford to do without this storage space, choose to paint the upper doors the same color as the wall and risk a different color for the lower ones.

Play With Shapes

There are elements that you cannot do without in a kitchen, such as cabinets and the front of the worktop. Dare to give them a new shape, such as following the marble front with a circle to place shelves or making the edges of the cabinets rounded.

Know-How To Take Advantage Of

The distribution is basic to get the most out of a mini kitchen. In his Milan apartment, the designer Aldo Cibic placed cabinets on three walls. And opted for curtains (pay attention to this trend that is returning) to cover them because the doors could not be opened due to the limited space. There was no room for overhead cabinets either, but two shelves that run along the entire wall are used for storage.


Art elevates any space, and kitchens are no exception. Hang a mini gallery on a wall or put a shelf on which to place works (and change them whenever you want).

Two For One

When you lack space, you have to spare ingenuity. And a good example of this is this project from KC Studio, where part of the countertop is actually a table that can be turned around and set up a dining room when needed.

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