Incorporating Island Range hoods into your Kitchen Design

Range hoods into your Kitchen Design

Incorporating Island Range hoods into your Kitchen Design

Range hoods play an important role in any kitchen and are necessary in order to keep the air clean and fresh by removing the grease, smoke, and odors and releasing them outside your house. The most common kitchen design features the cooktop or stove area against one of the exterior walls and therefore the range hood would be situated above, secured flat against the wall. When it comes to island range hoods, however, the very nature of them being located above an island means that they are in the very center of the room, and are therefore a key and unavoidable part of the overall kitchen design. There are a number of things that you should consider to ensure that your island range hood fits well with the overall design of the kitchen.

Coordinate materials with other features in the room

Most island range hoods are metal and therefore purchasing chrome appliances to match often makes a great deal of sense. However, you can also find range hoods in black that incorporate colored glass and others that are built under or into the fixtures and fittings and therefore blend in subtly to the overall design of the kitchen.

Think about the style or theme of the room as a whole

You can find island range hoods that are well suited to traditional country style kitchens and also very modern and minimalistic designs that complement new and very modern rooms.

Take note of installation requirements

Remember when you are choosing your range hood to take note of what is required for installation and to ensure that the venting will work properly. In most cases, you will need professional assistance to make sure that it is fitted securely and safely.

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