Ideas to take advantage of space in small kitchen

Small and narrow kitchen

Ideas to take advantage of space in small kitchen

A small kitchen with a difficult floor plan asks for solutions to take advantage of them and achieve practical stays. Let’s see what you think of these that, in addition, fit all pockets.

Study The Best Distribution

It is true that the most common distribution to optimize space in narrow kitchens is online, that is, group furniture and appliances on a single front. However, as long as your kitchen floor is at least 2.20 meters wide, you can also opt for a layout with parallel fronts. In this case, make sure that there is a passage area of ​​about 70 cm to circulate smoothly.

That is what the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta did in this kitchen: to the right were the sink and cooking areas, furniture, and appliances, and to the left, a storefront. The space that was free in front of the window was used to place a dining room.

Complete The Work Area With A Storage Front

Small kitchen decoration ideas

If you do not have space to place 60 cm deep furniture on both walls, you can complete the work area (60 cm deep) with a 35-40 cm cabinet front. In the same kitchen that we saw before, Natalia combined base units with a couple of shelves to store jars and household items.

Put A Bar In Your Kitchen

Reserve the wall that is free of furniture to locate a breakfast bar. 1 m2 will be enough! And if not, check out this kitchen. Decorator Natalia Zubizarreta set up a mini dining room with a projecting countertop and two stools.

In addition, to gain clarity and spaciousness, the wall that separated the kitchen from the living room was replaced by a glass window with sliding doors and white profiles. Do you want to see other solutions that Natalia Zubizarreta applied in this kitchen?

Make It Look Bigger

How? In addition to decorative ideas (you know: choosing white or neutral tones for furniture and coverings), there are architectural solutions that will also help you gain visual amplitude. Among them, replace the wall that is free of furniture either with a glass enclosure or by a partition with a blind part and a glass part. This is how Pia Capdevila did it in this kitchen, where she opened a window with panels and the lower part of the partition was used with a bar to hang cloths and small baskets.

Win A Corner For Breakfast And Fast Food

No matter how small your kitchen is, a worktop attached to the wall will help you set up an area for daily meals. There is not always the possibility of extending the worktop into a peninsula or installing a bar under the window. But when a linear or two-front distribution has been designed, it is possible to take advantage of the free wall of furniture with a breakfast bar. This kitchen, designed by Jeannette Trensig, was done in the same color as the furniture.

The Door, Sliding

Sliding doors are a solution to save space. This, moreover, is recessed, that is, when it is opened, instead of sliding parallel to the wall like the usual sliders, the sash fits inside a frame or sub-frame that is made inside the wall. In this way, it is possible to place furniture or appliances on both sides of the partition. Drawbacks? On the side of the frame, you cannot put switches or plugs. Nor does it allow the passage of pipes.

Let Natural Light Into Your Kitchen

Installing a glass door is a perfect idea to allow the passage of light from the room next to the kitchen. If this room is the living room or dining room, it is usual to design an enclosure that also keeps the spaces connected. This also increases the feeling of depth and the space appears larger. But it is not always interesting to contemplate what is on the other side of the glass. That’s what happens when the kitchen has a small drying rack. In this case, a translucent glass door is the best option.

Replace Tall Cabinets With Shelves

The golden rule in narrow kitchens: lighten the space with shelves or cabinets that offer storage capacity and that take up less visual weight than closed wall units. In the same kitchen that we saw in the previous point, the decorator Mireia Masdeu chose to install a large floating or cantilevered shelf that runs along the entire work front. This and the shelf that was installed as an extension of the worktop –both in oak veneer– were made to measure by Carpintería Querol Serra for a price of approximately €633, including assembly.

Open Sesame

Help yourself with well-thought-out designs. With a table with folding wings, you will have a corner to eat or an extra support surface to work. On a day-to-day basis, you can use it closed and when you have guests at home, you will only have to extend it and you will multiply the space. At Ikea, Amazon, La Redoute, El Corte Inglés… there are thousands of models, including furniture that combines shelves with a folding table.

In Small Spaces, Light Furniture

It is clear: when the meters are scarce, the best thing is to resort to furniture that adapts both to the available space and to difficult corners or holes. You can opt for custom designs or look for light, slightly bulky pieces. In this kitchen, it was decided to place two Ikea Enhet shelves, one on top of the other.

Do Not Underestimate Any Corner

Analyze well all the spaces in your kitchen that can be useful for storing things and adapt the storage to those mini holes: no matter how small they are, they will surely help you gain meters. For example, in corners and recesses, you can put custom shelves and in the space between the wall and the furniture, an additional piece of furniture that allows you to have everything in order.

Take Advantage Of The Space Left In The Sink Area

We already know that doing without wall units is a solution for the kitchen to appear more spacious and also for it to have a modern and minimalist air, but on the contrary, the storage capacity is reduced. Get around this “little” inconvenience with one or two wall-to-wall shelves. You can choose them to match the furniture, in wood or in a material or color that contrasts and adds its own personality to the environment. In this Ikea proposal, the wall becomes valuable extra storage space thanks to the Botkyrka shelves.

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