Get inspired by this rustic kitchen the best of the past

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Get inspired by this rustic kitchen the best of the past

This kitchen has all the comforts of a current kitchen, but with the rustic charm of the kitchens of always. Made of stone and wood, with antique furniture, beams, and lots of light. In it, you will feel at home.

The Charm Of A Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen of this Segovian house, renovated by the interior designer Pablo González, has all the comforts of a modern kitchen but with the rustic charm of traditional kitchens. Its stone walls and recovered mosaic floor wrap you up. And on the island, the collection of bronze pans invites you to cook for hours on its magical marble countertop, which is also like the ones from before.

The Kitchen Welcomes You Home

The house retains all its traditional charm, but with a facelift that has made it brighter. And the kitchen, with its antique furniture, its beams, and its light, is the best of welcomes.

With A Bench In The Kitchen

The antique wooden bench, with linen and sackcloth cushions, adds even more warmth and charm to this room.

An Original And Wooden Cupboard

A wooden cupboard is a treasure both inside and out. And this one lives a second youth thanks to its slightly stripped doors and the checkered wallpaper on its back. There’s room for everything inside: decorative antique jars on top; cups and tureens below; and cups and plates on the most accessible shelves.

A Complete Island In White

The partition that used to close off the kitchen has disappeared and there is no room for the large island that is the heart of the kitchen (and of the house).

A Kitchen To Enjoy With The Family

There is no better plan with children than an afternoon of pastries. Making sweets is a very sweet way to get them started in the kitchen and, incidentally, entertain them for hours when the weather is bad outside.

Recipe For Mini Chefs: Decorated Cookies

Children will love wearing a brand new apron (this one is from Zara Home) and getting their hands dirty making the cookie dough, cutting shapes with the molds, and decorating them. To make some cookies you only need butter, eggs, sugar, and flour.

And With Chocolate, Yummy!

Children love chocolate in all its versions. So you can melt some chocolate in a bain-marie to decorate the cookies. Do it on a rack and wait for it to cool down.

Add A Bar With Stools

If your island is going to include a dining area, the first thing to do is decide what height of seating you want. For low stools, the height of the island must be 90 cm and for high ones 110 cm. A bar with high stools often adds a degree of flexibility to the design. Thus, the island can have two levels: the lower one for the work area and the upper one with the stools for tasting. The intermediate step is also very practical for locating plugs.

Attach A Table

If you have space, make your island grow by attaching a table to one of its sides. It can be made of the same material as the countertop to give it total continuity or made of wood for a more formal office like this one. From the stove to the table.

Put Plugs In It

It is often something that is overlooked, big mistake! When you plan your kitchen, have them put plugs on one of its sides so that you can use small appliances on-site, with total comfort.

Straight To The Trash

A hole in the surface of the island worktop that goes into the garbage to dispose of waste while cooking is extremely practical and ergonomic. The lid is removed and all waste is disposed of in a single gesture, without the need to bend down.

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