Easy and inexpensive upgrades to your kitchen

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Easy and inexpensive upgrades to your kitchen

When spring arrives and the light floods our house, we all want to renovate it, but of course, as things are, the task seems more and more difficult. However, partly thanks to the evolution of products and parts to the rise of DIY, if we look closely, we will see that there really are many things we can still do to give our home a new look for little money.

Easy and inexpensive upgrades to your kitchen

To help you today, within our savings specials, we are going to see in detail easy and inexpensive upgrades to your kitchen without works, from furniture to accessories. In future articles, we will also talk about the bathroom and the terrace. Will you accompany me on tour?


It is hearing about changing furniture and a chill comes over us. But don’t worry, it is not necessary to tear down the kitchen. The Regular furniture has standard measurements (be careful, the new ones from Ikea do not), so simply by changing the doors, we will visually have a new kitchen. Of course, sometimes, depending on the age, it will also be necessary to change the hinges.

Replace only a few doors

It is not even necessary to change all of them, now the trend is for the lower furniture to be of a different color than the upper ones, so we save half if we look for the right combination. For example, white and wood, red and white or green and mustard. We can also change just one of the larger pieces of furniture and replace it with glass doors.

Change handles

It seems incredible how a small change like the handles can help both in the kitchen’s aesthetics, try it and you will see. In any hardware store or DIY store, you will find a good handful of models to choose from.

A new countertop

Removing the old countertop and installing a new one is not as complicated as it might seem. The old one can serve as a pattern for the cut if we dare to do it ourselves. Remember also that in large stores, such as Leroy Merlin, you can buy the material and request the cut to perfect it.

Painting the doors

Can furniture doors be painted? Of course, the thing does not involve any difficulty, just a little patience to clean, prime, sand and finally glaze in the desired color.

Walls and floors

If you have antediluvian tiles or a sad floor, do not worry, everything has an easy solution if you are a little handyman.

Painting the tiles

It is no longer necessary to sand, apply a primer or anything similar. Now it is painted directly in the chosen color and that’s it.

A cooking front

Adding a cooking front over the fire or water area, such as stainless steel or another contrasting material, is a very rewarding little change. Surely you have seen the Ikea ones, which are simply attached with an adhesive.

The floor

Adhesive vinyl is the invention of the century. Apparent, durable, of high quality and easy to install, they allow us to transform the floor of our kitchen in a few hours, without any type of work. Again the advice of our supplier or DIY center will be our best help.

Depending on the age of our appliances, we will consider changing them or giving them a new look, with spray paint, lined in steel with iron-fix type adhesive sheets or update it with a custom vinyl that we can find in many different models, for example, this so colorful that we see in the image above.

Color, light, and details

Alone or in combination, small details are always very important. Painting the ceiling in a different color, highlighting a wall with chalkboard paint, replacing the old fluorescent lamps with recessed lights, adding a central trolley-island, changing the kitchen accessories or removing the old curtain by changing it for a blind will be small expenses. They will bring about a great overall change.

In any case, the important thing is to find the most appropriate combination for your tastes, needs and possibilities. I hope these easy and inexpensive upgrades to your kitchen have served as inspiration.

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