Commercial catering equipment to suit kitchens of all sizes

Commercial catering

Commercial catering equipment to suit kitchens of all sizes

More people are starting their own business than ever before, many from their kitchen table or other small premises. This includes small catering businesses beyond the ‘traditional’ restaurant or cafe. With the popularity of cupcakes and other baking on the rise, many are home-based ‒ at least to start with.

In such small spaces, every spare centimeter counts and catering equipment needs to be smaller and consequently more complex as business owners strive to make everything work harder.

Kitchen table enterprises

Working from home is an attractive proposition for many, providing more flexibility to fit around other commitments and family life. A food-based cottage industry provided the right certificates and assessments are in place, can be a low-risk, low-cost way to try out the very popular food industry. The Office for National Statistics details the rise of self-employed workers in 2014, with the trend set to continue this year.

Space at home is often limited and owners of these start-ups are looking for more compact appliances for their kitchens, such as commercial dishwashers. Businesses such as 247 catering supplies to suit all business sizes and requirements. The Catering Equipment Suppliers’ Association highlights why understanding refrigeration is important, as getting this wrong could be very costly.

Festivals galore

With more festivals each year, demand for food trucks and outdoor dining ‒ or at least food on the go ‒ increases. Festival catering is fun and versatile for entrepreneurs, with the opportunity to be ‘niche’ with the menu.

Would-be customers take the same approach, assessing a food truck as they would a restaurant, with cleanliness often the top priority followed by food quality and flavor. Having the right commercial equipment on site can help to make finding favor more easily achievable. Consumers are not forgiving with their high expectations from smaller outlets, even though the chef has much less room in which to work.

Less kitchen space

As commercial catering equipment becomes more efficient, businesses are realizing that kitchen space can be squeezed. More space out front means more covers and more cash. This potentially makes a business more profitable, although beware of squeezing the back-end too much. No matter how well designed a kitchen is, there comes a point where it is simply too small to cope with demand.

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