Why not use fabric softener on polyester?

Why not use fabric softener on polyester

Why not use fabric softener on polyester?

If you’re like most people, you probably use fabric softener when washing your clothes. Fabric softener is a common household product that can be sprayed or added to the wash cycle to make your clothing feel softer. However, did you know that fabric softener is not recommended for all materials? In fact, some fabrics are actually damaged by this additive. If you have ever wondered whether or not it’s safe to use fabric softener on polyester clothing (like jackets or workout gear), then this article will answer all of your questions! The article is presented by https://hdecorideas.com/

What is fabric softener?

Fabric softener is a product that you add to the wash cycle. It works by coating your clothing with a thin film of silicone or other lubricant, making it easier for the fibers in the fabric to slide over each other and reduce wrinkles. Fabric softeners also reduce static cling, which means they keep your clothes from clinging to each other when you accidentally rub against them.

While most people think of fabric softeners as something that can only be used on cotton fabrics, this isn’t always true. Some polyester blends are designed specifically for use with fabric softeners—they will say so on their labels! You might be interested: Is polyester stretchy

What is polyester?

Polyester is a manmade fabric, made from petroleum products. It’s not a natural fiber like cotton or wool. It’s actually made in an industrial setting and then spun into yarn. The fibers themselves are very thin and smooth, which makes them particularly good for textiles that need to be soft and breathable.

Because polyester is processed from petroleum products, it has become controversial in recent years as people become more aware of the environmental impact of plastic pollution on our planet. But don’t worry—you can still use your favorite detergent on your polyester clothes!

Why not use fabric softener on polyester?

Fabric softener is not meant for polyester. Why? It can cause long term problems to your clothing, such as build up and stickiness.

Fabric softeners are designed to provide a feeling of silkiness or fluffiness on cotton fabrics. This is because the chemicals in them are designed to coat the fibers of cotton so that they feel softer than they normally would. When you wash these fabrics with fabric softener on them, those coated fibers become stiffer than usual and more prone to breakage over time.

The chemicals used in most fabric softeners have an affinity for water – this means that when they come into contact with any type of fiber (including polyester), it will begin bonding itself back onto other items in your washing machine like towels or clothing that aren’t made out of cotton material! The result is sticky clothes which aren’t comfortable enough against bare skin anymore.

Fabric softener will not work on these

Fabric softener is a chemical that coats the fibers of your clothes. This coating makes them feel softer, but it also reduces their ability to absorb water. If you put fabric softener on polyester, it will not work and in many cases even make your clothes feel sticky.

If you want to give your polyester garments a softer feel, consider using washing soda instead. Washing soda is a natural alternative to fabric softener that can be purchased at most grocery stores or online. Just add 1/2 cup into each load of laundry along with detergent and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing as usual.

Fabric softener can cause long term problems

Fabric softener can cause long term problems to your clothing and should be avoided when washing special fabrics. Many people think that fabric softener will keep their clothes softer, but it actually makes the fibers weak and reduces their ability to withstand stress. Since polyester is a synthetic fiber, it does not need any special treatment. The chemical used in fabric softeners can damage synthetic fibers over time, causing them to lose their elasticity and become brittle. If you don’t want your clothing looking like it’s made of cardboard after several washes, skip the fabric softener!


If you want to keep your polyester clothing looking like new, then avoid the use of fabric softener. It is just something that you should not use on this type of material. Fabric softener may be something that works great on other fabrics but not on polyester which can cause long term problems for them in the future if used regularly.

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