How to unblock a badly blocked toilet?

unblock a badly blocked toilet

How to unblock a badly blocked toilet?

If a toilet becomes clogged, a very difficult situation occurs inside a house. The first thing that comes to mind is certainly to call a plumber; he could bring the situation back to normal in a few minutes. This is certainly the best solution, but it is certainly not the cheapest. In this short guide, I will explain in detail what to do in case of a toilet obstruction in a few simple steps, so I suggest you continue reading this short article to find out how to unblock a badly blocked toilet. Warning: this is a guide written for informational purposes only. Therefore I do not take any responsibility for the use that will be made of it.

How to unblock a badly blocked toilet?

When the toilet is clogged, you can use several do-it-yourself methods to unclog it. Generally, if a drain is clogged, there is some sort of plug inside it, which can be made up of toilet paper or some other type of material. This situation often occurs for siphons made with an “S” or “P” shape. The resolution of the problem is advertised with chemicals that can be purchased at various outlets. These products are able to unclog the pipe but cause serious damage as they corrode the materials; it is advisable to use them rarely.

Use a towel

The most successful method is to use a towel. If we have one that we don’t use, we can roll it around a wooden stick to form a “stuffed” limb. At this point, we insert the newly created tool inside the toilet and, with a series of fast and repeated movements, we bring the towel in and out of the toilet cavity. This movement allows you to unblock the toilet quickly, using the same mechanism as the suction cup. If we do not wish to use the towel, we can use any other suitable fabric for this purpose.

Use wire

Another method is that in which wire is used. In this case, you need to take a long piece of it and slide it down the drain to try to catch the material obstructing the pipe (the bent iron pushes the obstruction away in the blink of an eye). Alternatively, boiling water can be used; you have to take away most of the water that is present in the toilet and pour the hot one. It is left to act for a few minutes. In this way, there is the disintegration of the material that obstructs the toilet.

Use the suction cup for the toilet

People who are better equipped for this can use the special suction cups for the toilet or the plumber’s flexible spring. These are the tools that are used by the plumber to clear obstructions. They can be bought easily in all stores that are equipped for this type of material. If we put these tips into practice, there is no need to call the plumber to solve the traffic jam problem.

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