How to clean the faux suede couch?

clean the faux suede couch

How to clean the faux suede couch?

The faux suede couch is one of the most loved items in your home. If you have a faux suede couch, then cleaning it is not an easy job. It requires much more effort than compared to real leather because of its delicate nature.

Cleaning faux suede couches regularly will keep them away from dirt and dust for a longer period of time. You can’t just use any detergent for cleaning the faux suede couch. You need to be extremely careful while choosing a detergent for cleaning them because you don’t want to harm your delicate couch in any possible way.

How to clean the faux suede couch?

Cleaning a faux suede couch is not at all easy, but with some extra effort and tips, it can be cleaned easily. The following are some of the methods that can be used for cleaning faux suede couches.

Method 1:

Take some lukewarm water in a bucket or bowl and mix it with mild detergent. You should not use strong detergents because they may damage the texture of your faux suede couch. Wash the entire surface of your couch gently using this water. You can use a sponge or clean cloth for the purpose.

Method 2:

Take some lukewarm water and add a mild detergent to it. Place your couch in such a way that the problem areas are easily reached by you. Dip a sponge or clean cloth into this water and squeeze out extra water from it. Now start cleaning the problem areas gently. You can use a toothbrush to clean buttons and zippers.

Method 3:

Mix some mild detergent in lukewarm water. About ¼ cup is enough. Dip a sponge or clean cloth into this water and squeeze out excess water from it. Now start cleaning the problem area with this moist sponge.

Method 4:

Mix 1 cup of warm water and ½ cup white vinegar and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray the solution onto the problem area of your couch gently. This mixture acts as a disinfectant and deodorizer for cleaning the faux suede couch. Allow the mixture to dry out completely before vacuuming the couch.

Can you shampoo a faux suede couch?

Yes, you can shampoo your faux suede couch. Take some lukewarm or warm water and mix it with mild or baby shampoo in a large bucket. Use the sponge to clean your couch and then let it dry under sunshade for few hours before using them again.

How often should you clean a faux suede couch?

Normally it is recommended to clean your faux suede couch every month or two. If you keep on using them daily without cleaning them, then dust and dirt will accumulate over time and eventually cause harm to their texture. Make sure that you use a mild detergent while washing your faux suede couch. Using a firm brush to scrub the surface of your couch is not advisable. If you use any liquid cleaner, then spray it onto the problem area and wipe it with a damp cloth. This will make your cleaning task much easier.

Cleaning faux suede or micro suede couches are the same; however, most people prefer to use baby shampoo for cleaning them. Baby shampoo is mild and will not cause any harm to your expensive couch. Before using it, make sure you test a small portion of your couch so that there are no allergic reactions on the surface of it.

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