Bathroom with hydraulic floors that will make you love these

Choosing the hydraulic floors for your bathroom

Bathroom with hydraulic floors that will make you love these

Hydraulic floors are still in trend. And these bathrooms are a good example of it. And they are ideal in classic, modern, large or small bathrooms. We prove it!

No, hydraulic floors have not gone out of style. They are more in trend than ever. And it is that this type of tile is capable of giving character and personality to any room. Originally, they were placed throughout the house, although now we prefer to take them to rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms. It is the latter that are the stars of this gallery. And there are so many good ideas that you will want to install them in yours.

The Color Point

Bathroom through hydraulic floors

In a bathroom with hydraulic tiles, you can choose furniture with total white coverings. Because this type of tile is so decorative that they alone are capable of giving personality. One of its great advantages is that they fit equally well in modern bathrooms or in those that boast a retro style, like this one. Here they have been combined with subway-type tiles and a bathroom cabinet with retro reminiscences and light legs that let the floor take center stage.

Combine The Hydraulic Floor With The Furniture

When choosing the hydraulic floors for your bathroom, think about how the rest of the pieces will be, especially their color. Some tiles with a white, gray, and blue pattern make the perfect match with a piece of furniture in Prussian blue like the one that starts in this bathroom. The rest of the decoration in white helps to give spaciousness and light.

Perfect In Rustic Bathrooms

Are you looking for a rustic style for the bathroom? Bet on hydraulic tiles of greyish, ocher, and even a little dark tones, like those of these floors. Now, the rest of the elements also matter. Here, the walls are covered with micro cement with a sand finish and the bathroom furniture in recovered wood does the rest to achieve that rural aesthetic.

In Black And White

Black and white is still a trending combination. Take it to your bathroom through hydraulic floors like the ones in this one. But this color combination can be a bit cold if you don’t use materials like wood, which raise the temperature. In this case, the large wooden furniture is responsible for giving warmth and the floors for personality.

Do Not Remove The Original Floors

If you have bought a second-hand home and it has hydraulic floors, do not remove them! There are specialized companies that are in charge of restoring their old color, giving them the splendor they boasted decades ago. And, as you can see, they can be the point of color and the element around which the rest of the decoration is chosen.

Personality In Floors And Walls

Yes, combining hydraulic floors in the bathroom with wallpaper on the walls is a fantastic option to give it that retro chic touch that you love so much and that never goes out of style. Take a look at how it was done in this bathroom: based on the tones of the floor, a shiny textile-effect wallpaper was chosen that adds a lot of character.

Low-Cost Options

If you want to install hydraulic floors in your bathroom, you do not need to get involved in large works or make reforms. Currently, there are options such as vinyl floors that perfectly imitate this finish, are suitable for humid rooms, such as the bathroom, and that is super easy to install. You will only have to choose the model that you like the most and fill your bathroom with color.

In Natural Tones

In blue, colors, black and white… You have so many models of hydraulic floors in so many colors that you won’t know which one to choose. One option is those that show different ocher and brown tones, which will enhance the natural and relaxed look of your bathroom.

Prints With Power

They can be borders, natural motifs, or stars like the ones that star in the hydraulic tiles in this bathroom. Whatever pattern you choose for your floors, avoid ‘sticking’ with the rest of the decoration. White for the walls and wood for the furniture will be the perfect companions.

Perfect For Large Bathrooms

Another of the advantages of hydraulic floors is that the size of your bathroom does not matter: they look just as good in mini bathrooms or in huge bathrooms like this one. You can carry their colors to other elements. Here we also see gray in the microcement bathroom furniture and the exterior of the bathtub.

And Little!

As you can see, the hydraulic floor can be a key asset in the decoration and also in small bathrooms. Although in these cases, it is best to choose soft tones, such as white and gray in this model, which has also been combined with a pleasant and warm wallpaper with a textile effect in the same gray tone.

Contrast Of Styles

While hydraulic floors have that retro touch, glossy tiles are a more modern resource. But as you can see, their combination can be most appropriate if you choose them in similar shades. You will maintain the essence of its prints and get a bathroom with current lines.

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