The curtains that will be in fashion this fall 2022

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The curtains that will be in fashion this fall 2022

They isolate, protect, preserve our privacy and also give that last touch of style to any room. We are talking about curtains, that essential accessory that turns our houses into warm and welcoming homes. If you want to know what colors, materials, or textures are going to be worn this fall, two of the main fabric firms tell us with hairs and needles.

White Curtains: They Never Fail

White curtains are most beautiful

This fall, like last, and possibly the one to come, white curtains are a must because they never go out of style. “In addition to being pretty, they achieve a fresh and spacious effect “, they tell us from Gancedo. And they are right! In addition, they allow them to be combined with textiles of other colors and patterns.

In this dining room, Sylvia Preslar placed a curtain rod the same width as the plaster cornice. Natural silk curtains with fleece hang from it to give it a body.

Organic Materials Are Carried

In the autumn 2022 curtains, organic materials will prevail: linens, cotton with natural colors, and country prints that provide a fresh and elegant appearance affirm Gancedo. “These are fabrics that have a lot of drapes and a pleasant touch.” The interior designer Jaime Parladé opted here for some cotton curtains to separate the living room from the dining room. What other living room curtains can you choose?

The Most Decorative Curtains For Your Home

In this video, you can see the most decorative curtains. And now, continue with the 2022 curtain trends!

Curtains Coordinate With Other Textiles

“It is interesting to be able to coordinate the curtains with other textile elements in the room: sofa, cushions, rugs or wallpaper”, points out Gancedo. And although the easiest thing is to opt for neutral tones (beige, grey, white), this season they also propose we play with colors and patterned fabrics that create colorful environments.

For Gancedo “the combination of net curtain and curtain is beautiful “. Natalia Zubizarreta has chosen to combine here a lighter white curtain with a thicker beige curtain.

Linen is Still King

It is the quintessential material this fall but it does not come alone. It is accompanied by other fabrics that follow in the rear, such as cotton or wool. Very much in line with that sustainable lifestyle that is becoming more evident every day.

Another trend that we already saw last year and continues this fall is that the linens are dyed in color. In addition to white, ecru, and sand, there are brushstrokes of grey, ochre, terracotta, or green that give the windows a decorative plus. Proof of this is the Ortosa model linen curtains, by Gancedo (in the image) or the new Siembra collection, by Alhambra, in 100% linen in different textures.

Colored Curtains

Among all the colors of autumn, mustard and terracotta stand out in the curtains this season. They are valid to energize living rooms and bedrooms. The interior designer Natalia Gómez Angeles has used them in this room. Look how well they look with ecru bedding! Very much in the vein of that warm minimalism that invades us. Do you want to know other keys to choosing bedroom curtains?

Botanical Motifs Come With Force

Beware of this trend that is here to stay! The botanical world is sweeping this fall, and Pepe Peñalver anticipates us. “Nobody like them helps us bring nature home in these months of cold and seclusion!” We can see them in the embroidered curtains, proposed by Lizzo (in the image) and Pepe Peñalver, or in energetic full-color prints by the firm Harlequin.

The Stripes Also Present in the Autumn Curtains

And in addition to botanical prints, what other drawings will we see on the curtains this fall? “Stripes, in their most subtle version, are once again present in this season’s net curtains and curtains collections,” says Pepe Peñalver. And so we can appreciate them in this net curtain belonging to the Siembra collection, from the firm Alhambra.

Curtains With Natural Fall are Worn

The linen or cotton curtains that are going to be all the rage this season can be affected by their fall if they are excessively thin. To avoid this, choose stronger textures, place two models with different textures, or put into practice this trick given by Gancedo: “We recommend that the curtains always be lined because they will have a better drape and a better finish.”

How is Long Or Short Curtains Worn This Fall?

“A little is left to the client’s criteria, they tell us from Gancedo. The most usual thing is that the curtain touches the ground, although depending on the aesthetics of the room it is nice to let them drag a little”. That is, this fall the length of the curtains does not change.

The Curtain And the Blind, Friends Forever

You already know that at El Mueble we are true fans of the combination of blinds and curtains. And if you are wondering if it is still carried, we confirm that it is. It is a timeless, warm, and very cozy option.

And What Kind of Clothing Are We Going to See This Fall?

From Gancedo they assure that ” the table is the most used, the pleated is the simplest and the triple clamp, the most sophisticated”. To which are added eyelets, loops, perfect wave… With rails or bars. The choice of one or the other is governed more by customer preferences than by trends.

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