Comfort Food Family Recipe Makeovers 

Comfort Food Family Recipe Makeovers

Comfort Food Family Recipe Makeovers 

Comfort foods are those foods we use to satisfy an emotional need: comforting flavor, stimulating, and often nostalgic.

Simple and genuine or junk food and full of fats, comfort food often reminds us of childhood, pampers us, and warms the heart in the “no” moments of our life.

There is no single type of comfort food and everyone has their own; men, women, adults, or children, the food of the heart accompanies us throughout our life; it gratifies, reassures, calms, and at times “anesthetizes” moments of deep sadness.

As good Italians, our comfort food can be grandma’s cake, aunt’s meatloaf, mother’s soup, but also a large cup of ice cream eaten in front of the TV or a full-fat hamburger consumed walking through the shop windows of a center commercial.

Among the countless types of comfort foods that exist here is a list of 10 foods that pamper the soul and satisfy the spirit.

  1. Junk Food: Burger and fries

They are called “Junk food” – literally “junk food” – given the high quantity of fats and sugars present in them. Behind the invention of these dishes, there is a real study concerning the right combination of sugars and fats which would activate a series of mechanisms at the brain level that would have satisfaction and gratification as a final result.

In short, taking a bite of a majestic hamburger full of sauces, cheese, bacon and French fries “puts you back in the world”!

For those who can’t resist this sin of gluttony, we have the solution: we prepare it homemade! Here is the double beef burger recipe

  1. Pasta and beans

Pasta and beans remind us of childhood, the warmth of the hearth and of the family. It is difficult not to be conquered by its flavor.

Appreciated in autumn, adored in winter, pasta and beans are also served warm and sometimes even cold. It has no age and no time, it is the comfort food of life.

  1. Apple pie

Who doesn’t have an apple pie memory? Whether it was prepared by grandmother, aunt, or mother, there is no family that does not have “its” apple pie.

Apple pie recipes vary in ingredients, but they all have one thing in common, they’re super fluffy and fragrant.

Here are some of our proposals: the classic apple pie – apple pie light – Apple Pie Vegan

  1. Meatballs

A dish that everyone likes, prepared in a thousand ways and variations. Whether they are fried, in sauce, baked, stewed, with fish, meat, or vegetables, meatballs are one of the foods we most often associate with our childhood.

Maybe there isn’t a child who doesn’t like meatballs, but this comfort food is ideal for pampering at any age.

  1. Ice cream

There is no lack of films in which a young girl, after being left by what she believed to be the man of her life, consoles herself with a tub of ice cream of questionable dimensions, usually lying on the sofa with an attached cover and watching tear-jerking movies!

Maybe in real life, this is not the case, but ice cream remains a comforting food for many of us. If you want to try to prepare your own comfort food here are some ice cream ideas: Belgian chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream, variegated chocolate ice cream.

  1. Lasagna

Lasagna is usually associated with festive Sundays. It is the food of conviviality, abundance, and the pleasure of being together.

As with many “Sunday” recipes, the happiness that this food brings is not linked so much to the taste as to the memory that comes from it.

  1. Cake

It must be high, soft, delicious, stuffed, filled with creams, and glazed with “la any”. Cakes are food that satisfies the sight first and then the rest of the senses.

There are those who love cream cakes and those who rely on caloric chocolate cakes, layers, and layers of happiness to make yours in one bite!

  1. Fried

Whether it is meat, vegetable, fish, or cheese, savory or sweet, fried food is unrivaled. Loved as much as hated (due to the many calories it can bring) to fried food no one can resist.

The undisputed representative of this category are the fries: fried sticks, slices, or wedges make both adults and children happy.

If you want to experience the maximum enjoyment from frying then you should definitely try the Fish and Chips!

  1. Chocolate

It contains magnesium, essential for stabilizing our mood, and also increases the production of endorphins (natural opioids of the brain). “Scientifically”, therefore, chocolate is good for our brain, perhaps a little less for our line … but even a small square of this comfort food makes us happy and full of energy!

It was called “the food of the gods” for a reason, right?

  1. Spreadable chocolate cream

She is the comfort food par excellence: the undisputed queen of gluttony, Nutella is always there ready to console everyday sorrows and problems. In front of this spread, any worries go away… or so it seems.

Loved and hated at the same never fails in our pantry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 6-year-old or a 40-year-old adult, that jar of soft and irresistible cream will make you happy.

And now it’s your turn! What is that food that makes you feel good in bad moments?

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