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Comfort foods are those foods we use to satisfy an emotional need: comforting flavor, stimulating, and often nostalgic. Simple and genuine or junk food and full of fats, comfort food often reminds us ...



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The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.

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Compliance in commercial catering

Most areas of work involve some legal or health and safety rules but they are especially important in the catering industry where there is a huge amount of regulatory law and guidance that have to be complied with. This is in addition to the laws and rules that apply in all areas of business such as those relating to financial and accounting issues.

Employment law

Employment law applies to all employers regardless of the industry in which they work, however, because the catering sector employs more young people than a lot of other industries there is additional employment legislation to comply with that specifically relates to the employment of young people as well as their health and safety. The TUC has published guidance that is aimed at young people to advise them of their rights in employment across all sectors. This guidance equally applies to young people employed in the catering industry.

Health and safety and food hygiene

One of the main areas of regulatory compliance in the commercial catering industry is health and safety. The Health and Safety Executive has produced detailed guidance for the catering industry on how to minimize the risks within this industry. The main risks within the catering industry are related to slipping and tripping accidents, contact dermatitis, and safe manual handling as well as incidents involving knives and other sharp implements.

In addition to the health and safety risks which are mainly related to employees, the other main area of compliance is food hygiene which relates mainly to members of the public. There are legal requirements that have to be complied with, for those who are preparing and supplying food to the public.

Those who are working in the area of supplying food to the public need to undertake a food hygiene course and obtain a certificate. Basic food hygiene includes the proper preparation and storing of food including using commercial refrigeration such as that supplied by Fridge Freezer Direct Ltd.

Other areas of compliance

As with any business, there are other areas of compliance to consider. Due to the fact that the commercial catering sector mainly deals with members of the public, then any employer within this industry should be in possession of public liability insurance in the event that something goes wrong.

Additionally, as with any business, if a commercial catering company has a high enough turnover then it has to be registered for VAT as well as ensuring it is paying the correct Corporation Tax and paying the right National Insurance contributions on behalf of its employees. Commercial catering companies should also ensure that there is adequate risk management in place as well as all of the correct policies and procedures relating to health and safety, employment, and financial compliance.

This should have demonstrated that there are many things to consider when running a commercial catering company and compliance and risk management are definitely two things that cannot be taken too lightly.

Incorporating Island Range hoods into your Kitchen Design

Range hoods play an important role in any kitchen and are necessary in order to keep the air clean and fresh by removing the grease, smoke, and odors and releasing them outside your house. The most common kitchen design features the cooktop or stove area against one of the exterior walls and therefore the range hood would be situated above, secured flat against the wall. When it comes to island range hoods, however, the very nature of them being located above an island means that they are in the very center of the room, and are therefore a key and unavoidable part of the overall kitchen design. There are a number of things that you should consider to ensure that your island range hood fits well with the overall design of the kitchen.

Coordinate materials with other features in the room

Most island range hoods are metal and therefore purchasing chrome appliances to match often makes a great deal of sense. However, you can also find range hoods in black that incorporate colored glass and others that are built under or into the fixtures and fittings and therefore blend in subtly to the overall design of the kitchen.

Think about the style or theme of the room as a whole

You can find island range hoods that are well suited to traditional country style kitchens and also very modern and minimalistic designs that complement new and very modern rooms.

Take note of installation requirements

Remember when you are choosing your range hood to take note of what is required for installation and to ensure that the venting will work properly. In most cases, you will need professional assistance to make sure that it is fitted securely and safely.

Appliance Sales Direct is one of the major and one of the most reliable vendors of home appliances like island range hoods in Australia which offers appliances of a wide variety of brands. If you want any home appliance from island range hoods to self-cleaning ovens, you should be visiting Appliance Sales Direct.

Best Kitchen Décor Ideas to Create the Most Welcoming Space in Your Home

Surely more than once, you have asked, “What’s going on here?” And it wasn’t because you wanted to know what was cooking. The kitchen has been and is one of the home’s main nuclei, yes, as long as it invites you to have a good time. And that’s what we are for, to teach you all the tricks and that the main ingredients of your kitchen are warmth and well-being.

Kitchen Decor Ideas to Create the Most Welcoming Space

Let’s see, does the word ‘home’ sound like anything to you? Home, bonfire, and even hearth refer to the place where the fire was once lit (it used to be with wood) and that in a house was the place where the kitchen and dining room were located. Now that you know the role that the kitchen has always played (and plays) take advantage of these deco-tips to make yours even warmer and welcoming.


Yes, the rays of our most beloved stars are essential when creating warm spaces. Therefore, having a natural light source is very important to achieve that environment you are looking for in the kitchen.


If you want a warm kitchen, don’t choose cold finishes such as stainless steel for your appliances. What’s more? If you can panela the fridge, the dishwasher and ultimately any appliance to achieve an aesthetic harmony and much more welcoming.


Curtains or blinds on the windows, tea towels to match the decor or even a rug will help create a much more welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.


As we said, rugs help to texture and shelter spaces. And in the kitchen, they can also help you achieve that point of warmth, especially if you choose a model made with natural fibers.


As always, wood is the warmest material and the most used decoratively speaking since if you introduce elements of this organic material, your kitchen will become warm ipso facto.


Even if you have natural light in the morning, artificial light will play an important role after sunset. It is necessary to have points of light that illuminate the work areas well. Whether with halogen lights or recessed led lights in the ceiling, the important thing is to choose the same light temperature, warm of course.


Always choose warm tones, either in the tiling or on a painted wall (you decide if you want tiles in the kitchen or not).


Yes, the one that gives you good vibes and, as Marie Kondo would say, “Sparks Joy.” That is, it makes you happy. In this type of kitchen, dishes with love and seasoned with a hint of happiness taste better.

The “Living” Kitchen

Exact but very versatile, the combination of kitchen and living room has now reached its maximum diffusion. The newer houses, moreover, lend themselves perfectly to this type of living philosophy. When the kitchen overlooks another room, its design must respond to needs very different from those that dictated the rigor of the “kitchenettes” or the “unique” kitchen environments.

The composition of a kitchen of this type requires a detailed project that allows you to evaluate the environment in its dual role: a place where food is prepared and consumed and that of a place for “conviviality”, where the family gathers and lives. Most of his day. One of the most salient aspects of this type of project lies in knowing how to combine optimally moments of life and living spaces, very different from each other.

The “living” kitchen is almost always developed in a single space, devoid of any separation, or open only enough to make the environment free from visual impediments.

The systems’ position, that is, all those connections necessary for the connections of the modular kitchen, are usually collected in a defined and well-defined space of the room where the appliances and all the other objects useful for food preparation will be placed. Everything else, both what concerns the consumption of food and other daily activities, is usually arranged according to the kitchen’s positioning.

The “Iconic” Cuisine

In this category of cuisine, it is the “sign” that reigns supreme, even if more than “sign” it would be appropriate to speak of “design”. The reason that animates those who choose their kitchen, decide to go beyond the sobriety of minimalism to follow the path of originality, rarely do it for ostentation or unconventionality. But for personal satisfaction that, through the choice of detail. Find the affirmation of one’s innermost ego. Within this path, the drawing, or project, finds its most concrete expression.

Yes, even if it may appear quite strange to someone, even the “kitchen” can sometimes represent an icon, a banner, a flag of their style, for those who love the house in which they live. The kitchen can be “iconic” in different ways and through different characteristics.

There are kitchens equipped with hoods or appliances so special that they become the key to the project they belong to. Some kitchens become iconic even just for their arrangement within the space they are housed and how they allow you to take advantage of the surrounding environment. The photographed case of the central island counter version may already be significant enough for this type of customization.

The “Total White” Kitchen

When we talk about “Total White” kitchens, the minimalist kitchens that sometimes characterize the environments of the most modern houses built around the end of the second millennium often come to mind. In reality, a “Total White” kitchen can also be very different, with characteristics that can also be in some ways much more interesting than the usual ones.

An example can be found in the kitchen opposite, endowed with a strong personality and very evident originality despite its extreme simplicity. The design principle is easy to recognize: it is a “classic” framed door. Therefore, the composition photographed perfectly explains that even a kitchen very characterized by evident decorative elements, such as the doors with which it is equipped, can be declined in a completely white version, capable of making it very light and elegant.

Commercial catering equipment to suit kitchens of all sizes

More people are starting their own business than ever before, many from their kitchen table or other small premises. This includes small catering businesses beyond the ‘traditional’ restaurant or cafe. With the popularity of cupcakes and other baking on the rise, many are home-based ‒ at least to start with.

Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfasts for Your Busiest Mornings

A good start with breakfast. Very wrong to skip it and also consume it too quickly. At breakfast, you have to give the right importance and attention if you want to start the day on the right foot. The advice is that it is balanced, healthy, and able to provide 20-25% of the daily calorie requirement.

Easy Chicken Dinner Ideas and Recipes

Not sure what to cook tonight? Here are many quick recipes for dinner, quick and easy last-minute ideas to please your family or to organize a romantic dinner.

The most original proposals to consult and prepare for dinner.

Sudden guests? Are you invited to the home of friends or relatives and are you looking for easy ideas to prepare? Here then is our collection of delicious recipes for the evening.

The Truth About Beet Juice

Nature provides us with many natural solutions to get better. Among them, there is beet juice. If you are reading these lines, you are undoubtedly wondering why it is worth trying. In the next lines of this article, you can find the answer to this question.

Fun Facts About Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables live with us and are an important part of our diet, but even so, we often know very little about them. Today we have prepared an article with a few curiosities so that, in addition to knowing better the fruits that surround us, you can make the most of them.

Getting Vitamins and Minerals From Food

Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients for life. And it is often believed that supplements of these substances can actually replace those naturally contained in food. But this is not the case. The Ministry of Health obliges the producers of these supplements to write on the package: “Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle”.

Foods That Can Save Your Heart

According to the World Health Organization, a healthy and balanced diet could prevent about 1/3 of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. For these pathologies, in fact, the risk factors are not represented only by age, familiarity, or sex: a lot, particularly in relation to heart health, depends on the lifestyle.  Cardiovascular problems and diseases such as heart attack, stroke. Or angina pectoris is often linked to smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, high levels of bad cholesterol, and an incorrect diet. Cardiovascular diseases represent the main cause of death in a country; however, the right attention to lifestyles and the choice of heart-saving foods can go a long way.

Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

The terms allergy and intolerance declined in the food sector, are often used interchangeably. The concepts, however, are very different although the related symptoms are in some ways overlapping, the causes and symptoms are different, as are the diagnostic paths.

Diabetes diet: Create your healthy-eating plan

The diabetes diet is one of the best ways to combat this disease. If you suffer from diabetes, following a correct diet is essential to living peacefully with the disease. Without having to endure excessive deprivation. But even if you have high blood sugar. Or are prediabetes, following the right diet is very important.

Comfort Food Family Recipe Makeovers 

Comfort foods are those foods we use to satisfy an emotional need: comforting flavor, stimulating, and often nostalgic.

Simple and genuine or junk food and full of fats, comfort food often reminds us of childhood, pampers us, and warms the heart in the “no” moments of our life.